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caliber: a battleground for function versus form

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Replicant: The Struggle for Free Mobile

The Struggle for Free Mobile


Most people are under the impression that Android is free software, so why the need for Replicant, a project that describes itself as a “fully free Android distribution”?

Choosing which fundraisers to support

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


The One-Watt Server

Home Router as a Mini-Server


Many devices now run Linux – but mostly as closed source firmware that you cannot access. We show how to use OpenWrt to free the TL-MR3020 router from its proprietary firmware and convert it into an all-around server for your home network.

Set up Your Own Firefox Sync Server with Weave Minimal

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The oldest bug

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Change Default Search Engine in Firefox for Android

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The Linux malware story comes around, again

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Browser anonymization functions compared

FEATURES: Zero Information free

Croogo and Bolt

LINUXUSER: Delightfully Light CMS free


Issue 34: Linux Shell Handbook 2019 Edition/Special Editions

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