Jun 17, 2008
Platform Manager 5.7 Real-Time Linux Kernel Support for ARM9 CPUs Sun Netra T5220 Virtualization Sp......
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Jun 17, 2008
Open Source Embroidery Women Tech Carnival in Amsterdam Romanian Live Distro OSS in Scandinavia ...
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Freenet Free communications on the Freenet network.

May 31, 2008

The Free Network Project provides a safe environment for free speech – even for users who fear censorship.

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Free Software Projects An up-to-date look at free software and its makers

May 31, 2008

Should free development be a part of free software, or is Apache pioneer Roy Fielding asking too much of Sun? Besides looking at the commercial side of free software, this month's column investigates synchronization of speech and text.

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LugRadio Live USA Linux, radio, and rock 'n' roll converged in San Francisco

May 23, 2008

In mid-April, LugRadio Live landed at the Metreon Theater in San Francisco for two days of music, mixing, Linux, and live recording.

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Next LTS Ubuntu will be 10.04 – Regular Service Packs for 8.04

May 13, 2008

The current Ubuntu version is less than a month old, but Mark Shuttleworth has already published plans for the future version in his blog.

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Anthony Towns Withdraws from Debian Projects

May 09, 2008

Long-standing Debian developer and former Project Leader Anthony Towns has said that he is withdrawing from current projects. The reasons seem to be a disagreement on distribution of tasks within the free Linux distribution.

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CeBIT 2008 Hanging out in Hannover, Germany

Apr 30, 2008

At CeBIT 2008, the world's biggest computer fair, popular topics included Green IT, mini-PCs, and open source.

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