100 Dollar Laptop Available to General Public

Sep 24, 2007

The 100 dollar laptop, which was designed for use in structurally underdeveloped areas, is available to the general public for a limited period, bundled with a sponsored machine for a child in need.

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Less Watts: Intel's Power Saving Initiative for Linux

Sep 21, 2007

At its own Intel Developer Forum (IDF) the semiconductor manufacturer introduced its power saving initiative. Under the Less Watts umbrella a number of Open Source projects have joined forces to help reduce the power consumption of Linux systems.

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New Additions to the Linux Mobile Foundation

Sep 20, 2007

Montavista and Broadcom have both joined the Limo (Linux Mobile) Foundation. The industrial group promotes the use of Linux on mobile phones.

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Gnome 2.20 Desktop Environment Released

Sep 19, 2007

The new Gnome version 2.20 was released today, in line with the project's six month release schedule.

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OOoCon 2007: Open Office Conference in Barcelona

Sep 19, 2007

The Open Office community is currently meeting at the University of Barcelona, Spain. The OOoCon 2007, which ends on Friday, focuses on the free office package and related topics such as Open Document Format.

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Trolltech Releases Qtopia Phone Edition 4.2.x

Sep 19, 2007

Software manufacturer Trolltech has ported Qtopia Phone Edition to the Neo 1973 mobile phone, and released the source code at the same time.

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Open Office Version 2.3

Sep 17, 2007

Version 2.3 of the popular Open Office suite was released today. Downloads are already available on many mirror servers.

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IBM Joins Open Office Community

Sep 10, 2007

Open Office development will benefit from IBM's own development activities.

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