Command Line: User Accounts Command line user management

Jul 31, 2005

Linux is a multiuser system: many users can work at the same machine at the same time on separate accounts. In this month’s column, we take a close look at how to create and manage Linux user accounts from the command line.

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Command Line: Music Tools Music tools for the command line

Jun 30, 2005

You don’t always need a GUI-based tool to play MP3 and Ogg Vorbis tracks. In this month’s column, we look at tools for rocking from the shell.

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Command Line: CD Images mkisofs, mount, md5sum

May 31, 2005

Before you burn a data CD in Linux, you need an ISO image – mkisofs

helps you create an Iso image. To save disks, you might like to check

the image before you burn it with md5sum.

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Command Line: Browsers Command-line browsers Lynx, Links, and w3m

Apr 30, 2005

If you’re working at the command line and you need to reach the

Internet, or if you just want to convert an HTML file into neatly formatted

ASCII text, try a text-based web browser.

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Command Line: tr & dos2unix Using tr and dos2unix

Mar 31, 2005

The tr tool is a real wizard. This simple command lets you replace strings in text files. Whether you are replacing letters or just removing whitespace, you will be amazed at tr‘s versatility.

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Command Line: sort Organizing Lists with the sort Command

Feb 28, 2005

sort helps you organize file lists and program

output. And if you like, you can even use this small

but powerful tool to merge and sort multiple files.

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Command Line Creating Manpages with groff

Jan 31, 2005

Do have difficulty remembering

command syntax? It often pays to

check the manpage. In this issue of

Command Line,we look at how to

create your own manpages,and

how to convert manpages to other


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Command Line Converting Audio Formats

Dec 31, 2004

The command line swings. In this

issue of “Command Line”we investigate

how you can grab tracks from

audio CDs and convert sound files to

other formats. No matter whether

you choose wav,MP3 or Ogg Vorbis,

you can rely on the shell to convert

your files.

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