Smoother Going with KDE 4.3.3

Nov 04, 2009

The KDE project has released an update of its free desktop environment. KDE 4.3.3, code-named Clockwork, brings translation improvements and fixes a few bugs.

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GNOME Cleartext Passwords: Bug or Feature?

Nov 02, 2009

The current discussion in the Ubuntu forums is about a possible security hole in GNOME, specifically about GNOME registered users having their passwords appear as cleartext on the keyring. Not a bug, say its defenders, but the security concept behind the GNOME keyring.

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Kickoff for KDE on Maemo

Oct 29, 2009

A Qt developer has brought a piece of KDE to Maemo. After plasmoids, this week brings the Plasma desktop. Also a KDE Maemo mailing list.

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OpenOffice 3.x: 100 Million Downloads

Oct 29, 2009

The OpenOffice project has celebrated the 100,000,000 download of its free office suite since the release of version 3.0.

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Firefox 3.6 Learns WOFF

Oct 23, 2009

Mozilla has made itself into the draft horse for a new font format for the Web that some of its developers and independent font designers are currently hatching. Firefox 3.6 should be the first to support the new Web Open Font Format (WOFF).

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GNOME 3.0 Determines Boston Summit

Oct 16, 2009

While the European Linux scene has been busy with KDE and Qt, a relatively unnoticed but important gathering occurred in the U.S. to determine the future of the GNOME desktop: the GNOME Boston Summit 2009.

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First Plasma Widgets Ported to Maemo 5

Oct 15, 2009

At the Maemo Summit in Amsterdam Nokia gave away 300 N900 Internet tablets to KDE and Qt developers. The result is the first porting of KDE programs to Maemo 5.

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Kamoso 1.0: Webcam Tool for KDE 4

Oct 13, 2009

Cheese is a simple yet practical graphic tool that has been available to Gnome users for quite a while. Kamoso now provides KDE fans with their own solution.

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