DeskTOPia: Apwal Applications on demand with Apwal program launcher

May 31, 2005

Launching a program by clicking

with your mouse can have a few

disadvantages. Users lose their

way in nested menu structures,

and desktop icons can become

hidden behind windows. The

Apwal program launcher makes it

easy to launch with a click.

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Gnome Fonts Managing Gnome Fonts

May 31, 2005

Linux’s text display still suffers from legacy issues, but it is well on the way to

recovering. This article explains how Fontconfig, X, and Gnome work together for

a brighter future.

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KTools: Fonts in KDE Installing Fonts on KDE

May 31, 2005

A well chosen font is the perfect addition to your

Linux experience. KDE provides a number of tools

that help you cook up a really tasty alphabet soup

with very little effort.

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Command Line: Browsers Command-line browsers Lynx, Links, and w3m

Apr 30, 2005

If you’re working at the command line and you need to reach the

Internet, or if you just want to convert an HTML file into neatly formatted

ASCII text, try a text-based web browser.

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DeskTOPia: WMI WMI and the reincarnation of the keyboard

Apr 30, 2005

WMI is a lean and fast window manager with good

support for keyboard control.

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Ktools: Basket Storing, sorting, and filing with KDE’s Basket

Apr 30, 2005

If you tend to collect information and then forget where you put it, a

KDE tool called Basket may be just what you need. Basket is a

handy container for documents, notes, images, sounds, graphs,

spreadsheets, and other files you may want to find later.

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KDE Image Menu (Kim) Converting images with Kim

Apr 30, 2005

With a Konqueror-integrated service menu called Kim, you can modify and manipulate image files through a handy context menu.

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Hotplugging Hotplugging with Udev, HAL, and D-Bus

Mar 31, 2005

Hardware which just works is what every user wants. Current Linux distributions go a long way to fulfilling that dream. In this article, we will be investigating how the hotplug system works.

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