Open vSwitch as Virtual Switch for VM Environments

Sep 09, 2009

The Open vSwitch open source project has announced development of a sofware switch for virtual environments.

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Kroah-Hartman: Remove Hyper-V Driver from Kernel?

Sep 07, 2009

Microsoft caused a sensation with its release of its Hyper-V virtualization driver -- now its inclusion in the Linux kernel could be in doubt.

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Red Hat Releases RHEL 5.4

Sep 03, 2009

Announced at the Red Hat Summit in Chicago, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5 update intends to set the groundwork for future virtualization products and cloud computing.

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IDC: Linux Growing into Billion-Dollar Market

Aug 20, 2009

Market researcher IDC predicts that Linux will continue steady growth over the next five years, reaching into the billions of dollars in 2012.

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VMware Acquires SpringSource

Aug 11, 2009

Virtualization provider VMware has purchased open source firm SpringSource for $420 million.

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QEMU and Qemu Manager Sneaking Linux into Windows

Jul 31, 2009

Carry a virtual Linux machine with you wherever you go.

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New Release of Open Virtual Client Desktop

Jul 30, 2009

The new version 2.0 of the virtual desktop solution Verde now comes with offline access. Manufacturer Virtual Bridges, together with IBM and Canonical, want to market the software as Open Virtual Client.

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GPL Violation: Microsoft's Code Generosity with Strange Taste

Jul 24, 2009

Microsoft made headlines on July 20 with their release of a Hyper-V driver to the Linux kernel under GPL. Now it turns out that the driver violates the GPL free code stipulation by having a mix of proprietary and open source code.

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