Perl: Monitoring MAC Addresses Monitoring LAN devices with Perl

Jul 11, 2008

They say darkness is the friend of thieves, but the Perl daemon in this month’s column illuminates dastardly deeds, exposing hidden activities and alerting the admin when things seem to be going awry.

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Perl: Linux-based Gardening Do-it-yourself, Perl-controlled irrigation system

Jul 10, 2008

In this month’s Perl column, we will introduce a system to water your plants while you are away from home. With a little help from Perl, a friendly, Linux-based irrigation system waters your plants twice a day.

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Perl: X10 Module A remote control to reset your router

Jul 08, 2008

My low-budget router has just crashed, and there is no way to reset the beast remotely via a network. Never fear – an X10 module, controlled by a web GUI with an Ajax interface, can actuate the mains switch.

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Perl: Optical Character Recognition Do-it-yourself OCR with Perl modules

Jul 07, 2008

SecurID tokens use an authentication system by RSA Security to give the user a valid key for logging onto the target system. A home-grown optical character recognition tool in Perl monitors the key generator.

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Perl: Uninterruptible Power Supply Power through power outages

Jul 03, 2008

An uninterruptible power supply can help get you through a short power outage without losing data or damaging hardware. A Nagios script written in Perl checks UPS health and initiates a controlled powerdown if the unit exhausts its battery capacity.

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Perl: Character Sets Organizing character and code sets

Jul 02, 2008

When foreign characters occur in program code or data, Perl programmers need a solution that avoids the tribulations of Babel.

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Perl: IMAP Chat Log Gaim play

Jul 01, 2008

Are you interested in storing, organizing, and searching instant messaging conversations on your IMAP server? The Perl script in this month’s column can help you do just that.

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Perl: Multimeter to Measure Power Consumption Perl uses a multimeter to report power consumption

Jul 01, 2008

Today’s digital multimeters can do more than measure current and voltage. Multimeters also measure capacity and temperature. An inexpensive multimeter can talk to your PC via the serial port, and simple Perl scripts let you read and visualize data in neat charts.

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