Perl: Desktop Searches Desktop search in Perl

Sep 30, 2005

On a big, busy Linux desktop, it is too easy for files to get lost. We’ll show you a Perl script that creates a MySQL database to find files in next to no time.

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Perl: XML parsers Comparing Perl XML parsers

Aug 31, 2005

XML is one of today’s most popular data exchange formats. Perl has a huge collection of methods for handling XML. This month’s Perl column discusses the pros and cons of the most common XML modules to help you choose the best tool for your job.

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Perl: Tricks with Vim Tips and tricks for easy Perl programming in Vim

Jul 31, 2005

The Vim editor has any number of tricks for helping you avoid unnecessary typing. In this month’s article, we look at some effort-saving Vim techniques for Perl hackers.

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Perl: Yahoo API Scripting Using the Yahoo Search API with Perl

Jun 30, 2005

Following in the footsteps of Google, Amazon, and eBay, Yahoo recently introduced a web service API to its search engine. In this month’s column, we look at three Perl scripts that can help you correct typos, view other people’s vacation pictures, and track those long lost pals from school.

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Perl Snapshot: Debugging Working with the Perl debugger

Apr 30, 2005

Some developers condemn the use of debuggers, but in many cases, a debugger is a programmer’s last hope. In this Month’s Perl Snapshot, we’ll look at Perl’s integrated debugger.

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Mar 31, 2005
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Perl: Personal Finances An Extensible Viewer for your Personal Finances

Mar 31, 2005

A helpful Perl script gives you an immediate overview of your financial status, adding the balances of multiple accounts and share depots. It even allows users to add their own plugins.

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Perl: Shell Functions Emulating Shell Functions in Perl

Feb 28, 2005

Perl gives you better shell scripts. Sysadm::Install, a new module from CPAN, helps shell addicts let go of Bash.

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