DVD Authoring on Linux


Article from Issue 53/2005

Authoring video DVDs with Linux was a problem for a long time, but a few useful tools are closing the gap. And Q-DVD-Author gives you a handy front-end for controlling the process.

Finished at last: after weeks of tinkering with your video-editing software, that long-winded video of your last summer holiday has finally become a presentable and enjoyable home movie. But now what? Today’s upwardly mobile urban generation will not accept anything less than a DVD, not to mention the menu, chapter selections, and the other goodies found in commercial video DVDs. Obviously, your normal burning tool isn’t going to help you, since it expects special movie and filesystem formats and a complex menu structure rather than a simple home movie. In other words, you need a DVD authoring tool. Box 1 has in-depth information on DVD video formats for those of you interested in more detail.

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