Installing Fonts on KDE



A well chosen font is the perfect addition to your

Linux experience. KDE provides a number of tools

that help you cook up a really tasty alphabet soup

with very little effort.

Gone are the days when you

needed a degree in computer

science to install new fonts in

Linux. In fact, installing fonts in Linux

became child’s play when KDE went to

version 3.

To install fonts in KDE, simply pop up

a Konqueror window by pressing

[Alt]+[F2] and typing konqueror, then

type the fonts:/ URL in the location box.

Now copy the fonts from any folder to

your Personal directory to make them

available to programs (see Figure 1).

There is no need to relaunch the GUI or

KDE. As an alternative, you can right

click and use the context menu to save

launching a second Konqueror window.

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Read full article as PDF:

Installing_Fonts_in_KDE.pdf (266.42 kB)


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