Photomosaics with Metapixel


Article from Issue 57/2005

If you're looking for more than a convention tile design, try Metapixel, a free tool that creates attractive photomosaics from a collection of digital images.

You may be familiar with large-scale posters that use smaller photos to create a complete image [1]. This type of image is called a photomosaic. A photomosaic uses small photos in the way that a conventional graphic image uses pixels. You need to view the photomosaic image from a distance to see the overall effect.

Of course you could put a photomosaic together manually, but the process would be extremely difficult and time consuming. Linux users can now turn to a simple command line program to take care of this chore. Metapixel [2] by Mark Probst evaluates a collection of digital images and takes care of the photo montage.

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