Wlassistant helps you attach to a WLAN


Article from Issue 61/2005

Laptop users who move among wireless networks need a simple and practical means for getting connected. A KDE tool titled Wlassistant helps you find the signal.

The task of setting up wireless access is by no means trivial, even for users with major distributions. And even if you manage to attach to your own WLAN, the next problem is just around the corner. What do you do if your wireless settings change or if you need to access another wireless network with different settings? In today's world of airport hotspots and cyber cafes, wireless users need a quick and simple method for connecting to new networks. In cases like these, the KDE Wlassistant tool can be a big help. Wlassistant searches the airwaves for wireless networks and gives you a list. You can point and click to select your preferred access point. Your wireless assistant can take care of establishing the connection, and off you go.

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