Backup News and Articles

Tools for reconstructing deleted data

REVIEWS: Rescue Mission free

The sys admin's daily grind: Backup2l

SYSADMIN: I'll Be Back free

Data backup in the cloud with Duplicati

KNOW-HOW: Secure Cloud free

Fixing Disks with Parted Magic

Disk Aid


It’s really annoying when a disk suddenly dies on you or a typo in a command deletes important data. The free Parted Magic Live distro offers help.

Cloud Backup with Duplicity

Data Safe


If you’re looking for a secure and portable backup technique, try combining the trusty command-line utility Duplicity with an available cloud account.

Mass storage and data management with Parted Magic

FEATURES: Disk Aid free

Encrypted cloud backups with Duplicity

COVER STORIES: Data Safe free

Build a Raspberry Pi-based backup device

LINUXUSER: Tiny Backup Box free

Backing up data with luckyBackup

KNOW-HOW: At the Press of a Button

Using Clonezilla and Perl scripts for backups

PROGRAMMING: Custom Backup

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