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Article from Issue 66/2006

It’s already March as I write this. I’m quite amazed at how time flies if you’re not carefully keeping an eye on it. Over the last month, I’ve been travelling around as usual. In fact, I just got back from the FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Developers’ Europen Meeting) conference, which was held in Brussels at the end of February. FOSDEM is one of those really cool events that you want to go to for so many more reasons than just the high quality and interesting talks. It’s a great social experience for geeks the whole world over. (Check out the FOSDEM report on the preceding page.) I met a good friend of mine from Portland, Oregon at the FOSDEM one year, and we’ve hung out ever since. If you haven't visited the FOSDEM conference yet, check out There are some excellent videos of the main presentations available in the Open Source ogg Theora format.

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