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The first major X release for over 10 years, X11R7, has finally adopted a modular approach. X11R6.9, which uses the same codebase, is the last monolithic release for existing systems.

Even as AIGLX and Xgl are making their appearance in the Linux world, the venerable X Window system is getting a new start with a new release that promises to be the biggest change in over 10 years. X Window provides the basic framework for graphics in Linux. Desktop environments like KDE and Gnome operate through X, or more specifically, X11, the reigning version of the X protocol, which has been around since 1987. The X.org Foundation [1], a non-profit organization that has led X11 development since 2004, recently announced the simultaneous release of X11 versions 6.9 and 7.0. Both versions offer similar features. The main difference is that X11R7 comes with an all-new modular design.

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