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The Flickr service is an easy way to publish your photos, and Kflickr is a handy Flickr interface. We'll show you how to use Kflickr to manage an Internet photo site from your KDE desktop.

Kflickr [1] is a tool that helps you upload photos to Yahoo’s Flickr [2] online service (see the "Flickr" box). You can describe and edit your images on your local machine, rather than using the typically lethargic Flickr web interface. The software is cur rently at version 0.5, with the critical functions for uploading files already in place. To use Kflickr to upload photos onto the World Wide Web, you first need to register with the Flickr service. Installation A source code archive, DEB and RPM packages, and a Klik installer [4] for Kflickr are available from the Kflickr homepage. We had no trouble installing the Debian package on Kubuntu 5.10, and the RPM package installed on Mand riva Linux 2006 without any complaints.

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