The aKademy 2006 KDE developer conference in Dublin


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Some 200 members of the KDE project met at Trinity College in Dublin at the end of September for the week-long aKademy conference.

The KDE community turned out in Dublin for the annual aKademy conference [1]. The venue for the event was Dublin’s historic Trinity College. During the eight-day meeting, developers networked, formulated goals for the coming year, and drafted the technological roadmap for version 4 of the KDE desktop environment. Speeches and Sessions One of the invited speakers for this KDE meeting was John Palmieri of the Gnome project. He referred to the relationship between the two desktop environments as “competition and cooperation,” calling for KDE developers to stop competing with Gnome for the current 5 percent share of the market, and, instead, extend the free desktop user base by cooperating on

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