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How would you like write text using whatever text editor you like and then publish the results in a variety of formats, including (X)HTML, MoinMoin wiki, LaTeX, and SGML? txt2tags allows you to write once and publish

Txt2tags is a so-called document generator that can convert a text document containing special formatting markup into different file formats. Although most word processors like OpenOffice.org, KWord, and AbiWord can save documents in different formats, txt2tags offers a few significant advantages:
• Txt2tags is an application-independent tool – you can use virtually any text editor to write documents.
• Because all your documents are stored as plain text files, you don’t have to think about compatibility issues.
• Txt2tags can output documents in formats
that some word processors don’t support (e.g., MoinMoin wiki, man pages, and MagicPoint).

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Workspace_txt2tags.pdf  (201.90 kB)


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