Wikified approach to the spreadsheet



wikiCalc is a unique tool that offers a combination of spreadsheet functionality and wiki features. This may sound like a strange pairing, but wikiCalc provides a refreshingly new approach to the spreadsheet concept.

WikiCalc is written in Perl and requires virtually no installation. Simply download a tarball archive of the latest version of wikiCalc, unpack it, and then run the perl command in the terminal. Point your browser to http:// 127. 0. 0. 1:6556 and you should see wikiCalc’s setup page.
Of the two options on the setup page, the manual setup gives you more control over the setup settings. Or you can opt for the demonstration setup that configures all the required options for you and creates a demo page. If you are new to wikiCalc, the latter option is the best way to go. Pressing the Demo setup button lets wikiCalc do the rest for you.

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Workspace_wikiCalc.pdf  (213.32 kB)


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