Article from Issue 84/2007

If you occasionally surf to our online home, you may have already noticed some big changes. We rolled out a new website a few weeks ago, and we’re all very excited about it. We’ve been talking about it for years. I have personally responded to about a hundred email messages on the topic, and I was only involved with one part of the big picture. It was interesting to see up close how expanding technology can lead to expanding expectations. The first time I participated in a web-related project, we were happy to hack around typing tags in manually with emacs. Later we were overjoyed to witness the dawn of the WYSIWYG era and the arrival of a few simple layout tools. Now the rise of content-management systems brings a whole new flexibility, which requires a whole new approach. Since each article is not just text but is more like a record in a database, the possibilities for building new features are nearly endless – especially if you are ready to do a little coding. In fact, the opportunities for innovation are limited only by the time available for writing code, troubleshooting code, and emailing each other about what to do next.

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    One of my memorable moments as a homeowner was looking out the window at a pair of neighborhood kids in my backyard, who were immersed in some sort of water fight. Never mind that my own kids weren’t with them, or that they didn’t have any kind of permission to be in my backyard – I’ll save those topics for the child-rearing magazines. In this case, the fight itself was what I most remember.

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    Dear Linux Magazine Reader,

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