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The simplicity and power of Plone make it the open source CMS of choice for sophisticated sites. Plone 3.0, which was released in August, brings many improvements and enhanced support for enterprise applications.

The class of tools known as Content Management Systems (CMS) includes everything from forum software such as PHP-BB, through weblog programs like Wordpress, to complex systems such as Typo3. Many of these tools are based on PHP. Because most major hosting services now support PHP, PHP-based CMS applications are widespread. The PHP tools, however, quickly reach a limit if you require a high level of security, powerful access management for users and workgroups, and workflow-driven process management. In recent years, the CMS of choice for more sophisticated requirement has been Plone which is based on the Zope web application server. The Plone Project recently released a new version. Plone 3.0 inherits a reputation for right security and advanced workflow capabilities.The latest version also comes with new features such as inline editing, link and reference checking, and full-text indexing of Word and PDF documents.

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