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Accessing visible files in an “Open” dialog is a thing of the past now that application launchers like Gnome Do help you launch the right program. We’ll also check in with Wikia Search.

Who are Anders Carlsson, Mikael Hallendal, Michael Natterer, and Richard Hult? All four are programmers who work for Imendio. The Swedish software developers mainly work on contracts for designing open source, and typically GTK-based, desktop applications. What do the Swedes do in winter when outdoor activities are restricted to the brave or hardened? They stay indoors, keep warm, and read a good book.
These four programmers were also thinking about virtual desktops. On one cold weekend, they came up with the idea for developing Gnome Launch Box, a piece of software that facilitates program launching. Apple users will be familiar with the formerly proprietary role model Quicksilver for Mac OS X.

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