Gnome 2.20 Desktop Environment Released

Sep 19, 2007

The new Gnome version 2.20 was released today, in line with the project's six month release schedule.

In the last six months the developers have added a whole bunch of useful features to the free desktop: Evolution will remind users if they forget file attachments and pop up an icon in the panel when a new email arrives. The Fileroller archive manager now supports drag & drop between separate instances and can also handle remote files.

The Evince document viewer now has support for forms. Users no longer need to turn to Adobe Reader. The Eye of Gnome viewer core has been completely rewritten, and now launches quicker than ever. The application can also handle EXIF and XMP files. Automatic codec installation, which Ubuntu already supports, is now available with the Totem multimedia program. If needed, the application will search the Internet for codecs that are not installed on the system.

The Gnome homepage has a summary of changes with illustrations and links to the download site.

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