Lightweight content management systems

Additional Lightweight CMSs

Other excellent lightweight CMSs are out there. Before you commit to any of the systems described here, you might want to take other applications for a spin.

Frog CMS [4] uses MySQL as its database back end, and it provides an easy-to-use interface for managing content and users. This makes it suitable for larger websites maintained by several users. Similar to other systems, Frog CMS can be extended with the use of plugins, and you'll find quite a few modules to choose from on the project's website.

Pixie [5] is a sleek CMS that is loaded with features, including a WYSIWYG editor, support for microformats, a file manager, database backups, a dashboard, spam protection, and much more. If you are looking for a blog application rather than a traditional CMS, Chyrp [6] definitely deserves a closer look. Chyrp features an AJAX-ified interface that allows you to manage a blog with consummate ease. Furthermore, dozens of Chyrp extensions can help you customize your blog installation to your liking.

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  • Missing dependency - PHP

    Thanks for the article. There was plenty of great content with both database and database-free CMS applications covered. However, PHP was required for all. Are there reasonable, small CMS apps that do not require a database or PHP? A flat file CMS with java support would take minimal server support- if it exists.
  • More Open Source CMS's to Try

    Great article about light-weight CMS's. They're just what many people need, and even some pro's can use them for those times when sometimes they need to get some content on the Web in a hurry. Perhaps your readers could also take a look at the "Open Source CMS" Using the "CMS Demo Menu" visitors can try out many similar CMS's, both as a visitor and as an administrator. My favourite CMS (Portal) is "Website Baker".
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Lightweight_CMS_Tools.pdf  (621.89 kB)


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