Linux in the not-so-Linux world



This month we look at some Windows 7 interoperability tools and examine the phenomenon of the Internet OS.

Sharing files? Supporting legacy apps? Some Linux users live very comfortably in a house with no Windows, but for the rest of us, the sheer number of Microsoft systems in the world means that Windows interoperability is a very Linux problem.

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  • Windows 7 version information


    Your article, "Setting up Telnet, NFS and SUA in Windows 7" is missing some information. The Subsystem for Unix-based Applications is only available in Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions. The Pro and Home editions do not include it. The following table compares the versions, Unfortunately this same information does not seem to be on the Microsoft site.

    The SUA does not appear to be available for download.
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Read full article as PDF:

019-019_coverintro_NEU01.pdf (1.86 MB)


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