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Take control of your screenshots with Shutter, which puts other screen
capture programs to shame.

Screenshot programs abound for Linux. Gnome users need only hit Alt+Printscreen, for example, for a shot of a single window, or just Printscreen to get a shot of the entire desktop. But what if you need a bit more control over your screenshots? And what about editing? Surely there’s a program that can do everything in one package.

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  • capture windows with more than one frame and audio capture problems in linux

    I think most people say on windows use captured video shots with programs, not just the one frame but mpeg2 or other with audio, linux seems to have a problem with screen , screenshot video programs , they work in windows but not so much in linux, and lets not forget how hard it is to get a ipod touch to transfer in linux, you can do it, but the default software in linux is just not that good for storing your video or audio files for a ipod transfer and thats possible with usb cable but not the apps thou their no current way to transfer that stuff to it in linux yet
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Read full article as PDF:

080-083_desktop.pdf (5.45 MB)


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