Avoiding cyberattack



One way to avoid having your personal information stolen is to use a disposable computer set up for sensitive operations.

You have probably read about various options for high-performance computing with Linux in this month’s issue. But, what do the bad guys do when they need high-performance computing? They break into other people’s computers and use them. So, how can you avoid becoming part of a botnet and, more importantly, avoid having your personal information, banking details, and other sensitive information sold to someone in a foreign country?

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  • Puppy linux offers that security and portability

    Hi Kurt,

    You say "Even with re-writable CDs, I haven't seen any ISO distributions set up to use them for

    You could have a look at Puppy Linux. http://www.puppylinux.com

    It has a way to write the CD as multisession in which you can save back to the CD/DVD, even if it is not re-writable. It just adds sessions to the CD and then mounts them stacked (unionfs)

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Read full article as PDF:

042-043_kurt.pdf (1.25 MB)


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