MuseScore, LilyPond, and Chordii

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Linux is a wonderful and underrated audio production platform, with great applications for every audio task. MuseScore and LilyPond bring elegance and sophistication to score writing, and Chordii is a wonderfully simple guitar sheet-music maker.

MuseScore is a sophisticated WYSIWYG music notation editor for writing and printing scores. It has a nice integrated mixer and synthesizer for instant previews of your work, supports the creation of large complex scores, and allows fast note input. You’ll find MuseScore in Debian, Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, openSUSE, and sources and binaries on the MuseScore website.

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  • MuseScore Setting classical music free.

    An interesting article about MuseScore although I am surprised that there was no mention of the "Open Goldberg Variations - Setting Bach Free" which is using MuseScore to create an "open" score of Bach's Goldberg Variations. The project has also benefitted the software by inspiring fixes and the addition of other features. More information can be found here:

    Worth looking at from various points of view.

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Read full article as PDF:

088-090_projects.pdf (4.64 MB)


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