Tools for channeling SSH over an unreliable connection


Article from Issue 144/2012

SSH can make you crazy if the WLAN connection keeps breaking down, the IP address changes, or the data packets trickle over a slow mobile connection. AutoSSH and Mosh offer some features you won’t find in ordinary SSH.

SSH is the program of choice for Linux admins who want to log on to remote Linux or BSD computers using the command line. However, SSH can cost you some nerves, for example, when the connection keeps breaking up in an unstable network or when the data packets only flow through GSM or skyDSL in a trickle. 

SSH also presents problems when the IP address changes, when the system wakes up from a short nap, or when your laptop switches to another network. A pair of applications called Mosh and autoSSH are designed to address the problems associated with SSH in the real world.

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