Compiling Bash shell scripts


© Lead Image © bekas007,

© Lead Image © bekas007,

Article from Issue 161/2014

The Bash Shell Script Compiler converts shell scripts directly into binaries. Compiling your scripts provides protection against accidental changes, but you will have to contend with some quirks.

The Shell Script Compiler tool (SHC [1]) brings one advantage of compiled scripts to Bash: the ability to hide source code and prevent future modifications.

Other advantages of compiled scripts include speed and portability, but in this case, portability and faster run time are not the focus. In fact, programs that you compile with SHC still require Bash, and speed gains are hardly noticeable.

If you have a need to protect your Bash scripts from prying eyes, though, SHC might be your best option. It is currently the most popular free tool for converting (Bash) shell scripts into executable programs (see the "Installation" box).


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