On the DVD

On the DVD

Article from Issue 161/2014

This month's DVD is a version of the Knoppix Live distribution created especially for the 2014 CeBIT expo and made available before release to Linux Magazine.

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Knoppix 7.3 Pre-Release CeBIT Edition

This month's DVD is a version of the Knoppix Live distribution created especially for the 2014 CeBIT expo and made available before release to Linux Magazine.

The Knoppix Live distro (see page 52 for the complete story) is best known among system administrators as the distribution to turn to when things go wrong. Packed with trouble-shooting and system rescue apps, Knoppix helps admins save systems in distress, recover lost files, and repair corrupted filesystems.

Knoppix is also a full-featured Linux distribution, with the lightweight LXDE desktop by default, along with productivity, graphics, compatibility, and Internet apps. In fact, your DVD contains more than 10GB of software in more than 3,700 Debian software packages with more than 5,000 executable programs and commands, all compressed onto a single-layer DVD. The Knoppix Live distro features automatic hardware detection, on-the-fly decompression for fast response, and boot from USB for even faster execution.

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