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Linux Pro Online

Off the Beat * Bruce Byfield

Finding a DRM-Free Replacement for Firefox By now, you may have read Mozilla's reluctant decision to ship with the ability to support Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) in Firefox. Consequently, you may be starting to look for a DRM-free replacement for Firefox.

The Mysteries of Positioning Pictures in LibreOffice & OpenOffice Positioning pictures has been a problem ever since LibreOffice and OpenOffice were – possibly before. Inserting graphics is no problem, but try to anchor, align, or indent, and the picture changes position, sometimes to a different place entirely on the page.

Productivity Sauce * Dimitri Popov

Automated Photo Sharing with Photocrumbs Using a simple Bash script and a cron job, you can turn Photocrumbs into an automated photo sharing bot.

GeoLog: A Different Kind of Location Tracking App Plenty of Android apps let you track and record your movements, but GeoLog is an app that offers a different approach to tracking location. GeoLog gathers location data depending on your activity.

Extension Watch: Search Anonymously with Searchonymous for Firefox Searchonymous is a really neat Firefox add-on that anonymizes your Google searches transparently, leaving your search preferences intact and keeping you logged in to other Google services like Gmail and YouTube.


Storage in the Cloud By Martin Loschwitz

You need more than just a scalable infrastructure in the cloud; you also need a high-performance storage component. We look at Ceph, a distributed object store and filesystem that pairs well in the cloud with OpenStack.

Hadoop for All By Anna Kobylinska and Filipe Martins

Hadoop 2.x and its associated tools promise to deliver big data solutions not just to the IT-heavy big players, but to anyone with unstructured data and the need for multidimensional data analysis.

ADMIN Online

Get Smart with SmartOS By Oliver Frommel

SmartOS brings together the best of Linux and Solaris to implement a virtualization platform with ZFS and KVM.

Acquiring a Memory Image By David J. Dodd

Be ready before disaster strikes. We describe some tools you should have on hand to obtain a memory image of an infected system.

New versions of the Endian and Sophos UTM Solution By Thomas Zeller UTM systems combat all kinds of dangers under the Unified Threat Management policy.


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