• Connecting Worlds

    The RaZberry daughter board for your Raspberry Pi unlocks the power of the Z-Wave home automation environment.

  • NEWS

    In the news: Microsoft Edge Coming to Linux; Open Invention Network Backs Gnome Project Against Patent Troll; Fedora 31 Released; openSUSE OBS Can Now Build Windows WSL Images; Sudo Vulnerability; Hetzner Launches New Ryzen-Based Dedicated Root Servers; and IBM Joins the Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project.

  • Easy Reading

    Calibre can help manage your ebooks by bulk converting files, adding metadata, and making content available across all your devices.

  • Command Line – Vim Plugin Managers

    A plugin manager can help you corral your growing collection of Vim plugins. Choosing one depends on your personal preferences.

News and Articles

  • Clementine

    Transitioning from Amarok to Clementine in Debian 10 is relatively painless, thanks to Clementine's straightforward interface and improved features.

  • Elementary OS 5.1 Has Arrived

    One of the most highly regarded Linux desktop distributions has released its next iteration.

  • Linux Mint 19.3 Will be Released by Christmas

    The developers behind Linux Mint have announced 19.3 will be released by Christmas 2019.

  • Soft Pi

    Python and tk_tools let you create software versions of Raspberry Pi mini-displays, LED keypads, and NeoPixel hardware.

  • Listening to the Word

    Want to add voice activation to your IoT environment? Create an Alexa skill.

  • Zack's Kernel News

    Zack Brown reports on: Trusted Computing and Linux; Load Balancer Improvements; and New Random Number Handling.

  • Push Yourself

    Replace proprietary cloud-based push notification services with a self-hosted open source notification solution.

  • Tutorial – Mastodon

    Creating your own clients to interact with your friends in the Fediverse is easy. A bit of Python and an off-the-shelf module will do the trick.

  • On the DVD

    Fedora Workstation 31 and Ubuntu “Eoan Ermine” Desktop 19.10.

  • Programming Snapshot – bpftrace

    Who is constantly creating the new processes that are paralyzing the system? Which process opens the most files and how many bytes is it reading or writing? Mike Schilli pokes inside the kernel to answer these questions with bpftrace and its code probes.