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© Lead Image © wong yu liang,

© Lead Image © wong yu liang,

Article from Issue 167/2014

Gnome version  3 lost many friends, prompting Linux users to look for alternatives. The elegant and carefully crafted Deepin Linux pushes into the gap with a desktop that feels like a hybrid of Linux, Windows, and Mac  OS.

Chinese programmers have been working on several innovative Linux-based projects for years. One project, Deepin Linux  [1], appeared recently with a blast of innovations. The developers were obviously unhappy with the fragmentation of desktop development from which Linux has suffered recently, and the result is a brand new desktop, the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE), which avoids some of the deficits of other work environments. In Deepin 2014, the focus is on a highly aesthetic appearance and excellent ergonomics.

The vast variety of multimedia programs under Linux prompted the project to program its own multimedia applications that blend seamlessly with the desktop operating system. Finally, the Deepin Store replaces the already fairly ancient Synaptic as the graphical tool for software installation. With all these new features, Deepin Linux is not only extremely easy to use, but turns out to be a real eye-catcher with its elegant desktop.

First Look

The project provides the Ubuntu derivative in 32-bit and 64-bit versions as an ISO image of approximately 1.5GB. Both are exclusively available as multilingual versions. The installation languages include American English, as well as various Asian and European languages.


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