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On the DVD

Article from Issue 171/2015

openSUSE 13.2 and SystemRescueCd


openSUSE, 64-bit

Version 13.2 is the first openSUSE version released under the new rolling distribution, with a shorter stabilization phase and extensive daily testing. The openSUSE community prides itself on integrating innovative technologies, including Btrfs as the default filesystem, the Wicked network configuration service, and a Dracut-created initramfs for faster boots. A streamlined installation process helps you get your system running with less clutter and fewer complications.

  • KDE 4.14, Plasma 4.11.12, SC 4.14.2
  • Gnome 3.14, MultiTouch, AppStore
  • 5 more alternative desktops

SystemRescueCd, 32/64-bit

Burn this Live Linux system rescue distro to a bootable CD or USB stick for emergencies. In addition to the basic lineup of tools found on any Linux distro, SystemRescueCd 4.41 comes with a set of system tools that can help you troubleshoot misbehaving Linux and Windows computers, backup unbootable Windows computers, read and write to NTFS partitions, and more.





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