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© Lead Image © alphaspirit, 123RF.com

© Lead Image © alphaspirit, 123RF.com

Article from Issue 199/2017

A simple design, efficient performance, and a built-in ad blocker are reasons for a closer look at the Min web browser.

Google Chrome dominates today's market for web browsers, thus leading to a landscape dominated by the WebKit engine. Many free browsers, such as Epiphany, Midori, or Rekonq are based on WebKit, and WebKit is also the foundation for proprietary browsers such as Safari and Opera.

With all this consolidation in the underlying components of popular web browsers, it is both astounding and gratifying to see developers create a browser that embodies a totally different approach. The Min browser [1] does not depend on a rendering engine but is built entirely from the Electron framework, which is used for creating cross-platform applications with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The name hints at Min's lean design and minimalist aesthetic: the screen looks pretty empty after the start, except for a menubar.

Min is a light, fast browser with some innovative features, including built-in ad blocking, integrated search, and a unique approach to tab management.


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