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© Lead Image © Kheng Guan Toh,

© Lead Image © Kheng Guan Toh,

Article from Issue 199/2017

Systemd has won the race, as indicated by the several tools that already offer a service just a mouse click away. We look at six of these tools.

Systemd [1], the initially highly controversial system and process manager in the Linux community, is now considered established – the old SysVinit system has largely had its day. However, critics still gripe about the binary format of the logfiles, the fact that systemd sometimes uses DNS queries on Google's name servers, and the strong orientation toward the Gnome desktop.

Nonetheless, systemd also offers advantages compared with its predecessor. The fact that it starts processes in parallel significantly reduces the time required for booting the operating system, especially on multicore computers. And, the compiled program accelerates the process.

Systemd Basics

The processes managed by systemd are called units. They are formally reminiscent of traditional INI files, and they perform various tasks: They manage services, define mountpoints, take care of the swap memory, or create devices.


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