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Article from Issue 205/2017

Even if you aren't a programmer, you can help spread the word about Free and Open Source Software and Hardware.

"How can I help Free Software?" is a question I hear a lot. Many people do not know how to program, and they feel helpless when they want to help Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

There are many ways to help the Free Culture movement, which includes FOSS, Open Hardware, and Free and Open Data.

The first way is simply to use FOSS. Think about the things you do or want to do, and search the Internet for software that might help you with that work. Search engines are your friend, and just a couple of searches for "thing-that-you-want-to-do" combined with "your-favorite-Free-Software-Operating-System" might find exactly what you need. Yes, you may need to download a few projects to see which one is really the best for your needs, but at least you do not have to pay money for that privilege. You might also have to try several closed-source proprietary software products to find the one you want, and with closed source, "kicking the tires" will cost you both time and money.


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