The Volumio 2.0 web-based audio player


Lead Image © donatas1205,

Lead Image © donatas1205,

Article from Issue 206/2018

Volumio and a Raspberry Pi can add smart functions to any stereo system. Whether playing diverse audio formats or streaming Spotify, the combination of smartphone control, a Raspberry Pi Display, and Volumio outperforms many commercial solutions.

Old-fashioned AM and FM radio has been out for years: Nowadays, a radio must be able to receive digital audio and be web-enabled to stream music from Spotify and other providers. However, the devices that were conceived by former audio giants such as Sony and Panasonic are often fraught with quirky controls. Virtually no Internet radios come with large displays and precise touchscreens. The fun only begins when you can control the radio with a mobile phone or tablet app. In this category, network loudspeakers (e.g., by Sonos or Raumfeld) are achieving massive sales.

Legacy hi-fi systems – without a display or network connection, but with excellent sound that cost an arm and a leg just a few years ago – are still in existence in many living rooms. If you do not want to exchange your precious amplifier for the latest technology, you will find a convenient and elegant upgrade solution with the Volumio [1] distribution. The Linux-based digital audio player software is easy to set up and converts any radio or stereo system with a line-in socket into a "smart radio," with network access and a Spotify connection. In combination with a Raspberry Pi and the original Raspberry Pi Display, the solution is bound to impress with its ease of use and elegance.

Volumio 2.0

Since the end of 2016, Volumio 2 has been available as a significantly updated version that introduces various innovations and eliminates numerous errors [2]. In contrast to the first editions of the software, Volumio 2 has acquired a plugin interface, a hotspot feature, and a revised interface.


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