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© Lead Image © Surflifes,

© Lead Image © Surflifes,

Article from Issue 210/2018

Several collaborative office suite providers are now competing for customers who are looking for the seamless exchange of office documents within an enterprise. These cloud or on-premise solutions are designed for teamwork.

Today, shifting documents from employee to employee by email attachment is considered "so 90s." No wonder: Office suites enable completely new forms of cooperative work, often via cloud or on-site servers. This article takes a look at the rather confusing market that has developed around collaborative office suites.


There is no uniform approach to what collaborative work looks like. Different methods reflect different visions of the modern work environment. However, one important distinction is between a client/server-based collaborative working environment and web-based collaboration.

Client/server structures store all data processed by a team on a server. A client application uses the Message Application Programming Interface [1] to allow simultaneous use of the data. Typical applications include diary, address management, and project management software.


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