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Article from Issue 215/2018

Cloud storage services help with data synchronization across multiple computers, but they do not usually provide encryption. Cryptomator adds encryption to the cloud storage environment.

The IT world is subject to fashions, trends, and tendencies, such as the current hype surrounding blockchain technology. For example, by changing its name to Long Blockchain Corp., the US beverage manufacturer Long Island Iced Tea Corp. briefly increased its share price 289% [1].

One of the biggest trends in recent years is cloud storage. What used to be a pig in a poke suddenly became "the cloud" overnight. Everything has to be stored in the ominous cloud: applications, services, data. Cloud storage is practical for the user at first glance. You don't have to worry about the hardware, the provider takes care of security and backups, and you have immediate access from any device.

At second glance, however, many cloud users have concerns: Who can access the uploaded data? What data does the provider evaluate for advertising purposes? Do security agencies have access? In the end, anyone giving away personal data must always expect third parties to gain insight into their own digital life.


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