Penny Pincher

Penny Pincher

Article from Issue 216/2018

Most accounting programs available for Linux are aimed primarily at businesses. Eqonomize focuses on personal use, offering a smart solution for getting a handle on your household budget.

Although many accounting programs populate the Linux universe, most provide features that private households do not need. Additionally, these applications usually rely on a database in the background, which requires time-consuming installation and configuration.

Eqonomize [1], a KDE program specially designed for private households, offers a different approach that dispenses with unnecessary features and brings order to personal accounting in no time at all. The program, published under the GPLv3, can be found as a variant for 64-bit systems, as well as a DEB package for Ubuntu and its derivatives, on the Eqonomize website [2].

Source code for manual compilation and an AppImage that runs on most distributions and does not require installation also are available. To start AppImage, which weighs in at almost 30MB, you need to assign execution rights to it the after downloading by entering


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