This Linux from Mexico offers some convenient tools and a customized KDE environment


Article from Issue 217/2018

Nitrux Linux integrates a flexible new package tool, an easy-to-use encryption system, and other useful innovations.

Mexican-based Nitrux [1] is an Ubuntu-based Linux that features a modified KDE desktop, an innovative app store, an easy-to-configure firewall, and an easy-to-use encryption mechanism for personal data. Nitrux puts the emphasis on portable application formats and custom plasmoids for a pleasing and efficient desktop experience.

One unique feature of Nitrux is that it was actually created by professional user interface (UI) designers. Founder and project leader Uri Herrera, who has a background in graphic arts and UI design in addition to programming, envisioned the Nitrux project with special emphasis on its usability and aesthetics.

Download the approximately 1.5GB ISO image [2], which is designed for 64-bit systems, and transfer it to an optical data carrier or memory stick. When you boot the freshly created Nitrux medium, you will find a conventional GRUB boot manager that only supports live operation; the system does not provide for direct installation.


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