GoPiGo3 robot vehicle with a Rasp Pi core

Go Pi Go

© Lead Image © Pavel Romanchenko,

© Lead Image © Pavel Romanchenko,

Article from Issue 218/2019

The GoPiGo3 kit provides components and software for a small robot car with a Raspberry Pi brain.

The easiest way to learn programming is hands on. The GoPiGo3 robot kit [1], based on a Raspberry Pi, supports programming with the Bloxter graphical programming language, up to and including the development of complex applications with Python, Node.js, or C/C++.

The GoPiGo3 design makes a solid, robust impression (Figure 1). The basic frame comprises two Plexiglas plates screwed together with threaded bolts. The direct-drive motors are mounted on stable metal brackets. With a little skill, assembling the kit takes less than an hour. The manufacturer provides detailed instructions on their homepage [2] to make it easy to assemble the robots.

Figure 1: The fully built GoPiGo3 offers everything a robot car needs. With optional accessories, you can add sensors and actuators to the structure as desired.


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