Secure Communication

Secure Communication

Article from Issue 218/2019

Communication on the Internet is continuously subject to the risk of being intercepted. We show you how to eliminate curious eavesdroppers.

The Retroshare communication platform licensed under the GPL ensures a secure exchange of data at all levels. The program is easy to use and offers some special features, such as integration of the Tor network. The software is also available for download for all popular operating systems.

Communication on the Internet always entails the risk of someone listening in. Many users thus look for easy-to-use encryption methods. However, because of the numerous forms of communication on the web, each with its own protocol and data transmission path, no standard solution suffices.

Moreover, most services are based on client-server architectures, wherein the server, as the central data repository, is the preferred target of attack. Errors in server configuration – over which the user usually has no influence because it is often a centralized service operated by a commercial provider – can be misused as a gateway for malware and espionage software.


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