FOSS goals for 2019

Doghouse – Resolutions

Article from Issue 220/2019

With the advent of 2019, Maddog makes a wish list and some resolutions for both himself and the FOSS community.

I am writing this article on Christmas Eve of 2018. While (due to the workings of a print magazine) you may not see it for a while, I am going to use this as a combination of a 2019 Christmas wish list and some 2018 New Year's resolutions for myself and (hopefully) some resolutions for the free software community.

My Christmas wish list for next year is simple. I hope to have FOSS even more dominant in the world of computing than it is today.

2019 marks 50 years that I have been in the computing work force, having written my first program in 1969. Although most of that time I have been using what most people call "open source" in one way or another, I have been involved with GNU and Linux for over 25 years.


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