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Article from Issue 226/2019
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Scribus is a desktop publishing tool for Linux that expands your options when designing simple flyers and brochures, giving you plenty of room to be creative.

Occasionally, you may find yourself having to produce a brochure, flyer, or other printed products. If you use LibreOffice and similar programs, you will probably achieve acceptable results – but LibreOffice Writer is not the ideal tool for such tasks.

In fact, there is a separate program category for designing printed products: desktop publishing (DTP). Scribus [1] is a classic DTP tool for Linux. Unlike LibreOffice, it offers a variety of approaches to putting text around photos, arranging text in many different ways, linking text modules across page boundaries, creating contiguous double page spreads, and much more.

Although the Scribus developers strive to make their tool as simple to use as possible, it can be hard to know where to get started with Scribus. This article introduces the program and shows you some of the basic features by creating a simple flyer.


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