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Article from Issue 230/2020

Replace proprietary cloud-based push notification services with a self-hosted open source notification solution.

Push notifications can come in useful in many situations – from informing you that a backup job has been completed successfully to reminding you of upcoming deadlines. A push notification system usually consists of two parts: a cloud-based service and a client. The service receives and processes push notification requests received through the service's API and then sends them to the client app running on an Android or iOS device. Using any of the popular cloud-based push notification services brings a familiar set of problems. You are relying on a third party for processing your data, you remain at the mercy of a for-profit enterprise, and usually you have to pay for the services rendered.

But if you are willing to host your own notification system, Gotify [1] has got you covered. This open source solution allows you to roll out your own notification service with a minimum of effort and zero cost.

Installing Gotify

Gotify is based on the server/client model, and there are three pieces of the puzzle you need to take care of:


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