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Dmitri Popov
Access StackOverflow from the Command Line with how2

Mar 09, 2016 GMT

Whatever coding-related question you might have, chances are it has already been answered on StackOverflow. But switching to the browser and wading through StackOverflow in search of a solution to your particular problem is not the most efficient way to use the service -- especially if you spend most of your productive time in the terminal. Enter how2, a command-line tool for searching StackOverflow using natural language queries. Installing how2 on Ubuntu-based distributions is a matter of running the following commands: sudo apt-get install nodejs npm sudo ln -s "$(which nodejs)" /usr/bin/node npm install -g how2With how2 installed, you can search StackOverflow using the...
Extension Watch: Beef up Privacy Protection with Decentraleyes for Firefox

Feb 26, 2016 GMT

uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger make a perfect combo for protecting your privacy and combating annoying ads. But these extensions can't protect you against more insidious ways of tracking your activities and collecting personal data through content delivery networks (CDN). Enter Decentraleyes. This add-on acts as a local CDN by intercepting requests, finding the required resource and injecting it into the environment. While this may sound awfully technical, the add-on does its job behind the scenes, and it requires no configuration whatsoever. Install the add-on from Mozilla's official add-on repository, and you are done.If you are curious whether Decentraleyes actually does anything,...
twtxt: Microblogging for Hackers

Feb 25, 2016 GMT

Maybe you are not keen on using closed and tightly-controlled third-party microblogging services like Twitter. Or maybe you are just looking for a straightforward way to share your thoughts with the world directly from the command-line. In either case, twtxt might be something right up your alley. This little tool makes it possible to push updates and follow other twtxt users from the convenience of the terminal. The clever part is that twtxt stores your updates in a plain text file. Make this file publicly accessible via HTTP and other users can subscribe to your stream. twtxt is written in Python 3, and the easiest way to install it on...
Termux: Lightweight Linux Environment for Android

Feb 24, 2016 GMT

While you can deploy a full-blown Linux distribution on your Android device, opting for a nimble solution like Termux makes more sense in most situations. Installed as a regular app, Termux gives you a terminal emulator and a lightweight Linux environment that offers all basic Linux tools, including the Bash shell and apt utilities. This means that you can use Termux to write Bash scripts and install additional packages right out of the box. Install, for example, the openssh package, and you can manage remote Linux hosts from your Android device as well as run an SSH server on it. Want to use Termux to write and run code? Install Python, Perl, ruby and Node.js from Termux' repositories....
Back up Storage Cards and Cameras with the Little Backup Box

Feb 16, 2016 GMT

Worry about keeping your photos safe when you are on the move? Enter Little Backup Box. This simple Bash shell script cobbled together by yours truly transforms a Raspberry Pi into a simple, reliable and fully-automatic photo backup device. The script detects and mounts a storage device like a USB stick or hard disk as soon as it's connected. It then does the same with a card reader (with a storage card in it) or a camera when one of these is connected. The script then transfers photos from either the card reader or the camera to the storage device. Once the backup operation is completed, the script shuts the Raspberry Pi down. Little Backup Box has been tested with Raspberry Pi 2...
Keep Documentation Handy with Zeal

Jan 29, 2016 GMT

Whether you write code for fun or for profit, having instant access to documentation that doesn't depend on a network connection is essential and even critical. That's why it's a good idea to have Zeal installed on your machine. This simple tool provides access to documentation (or docsets) for a wide variety of programming languages and applications: from PHP and Python to Markdown and MongoDB, and everything in between. To populate Zeal with docsets, choose File | Options, switch to the Docsets section, then pick and download the desired docsets. Zeal's interface is simplicity itself. The left sidebar presents all installed docsets as...
Manage Wireless Connections from the Command Line with

Jan 29, 2016 GMT

Configuring a wireless connection from the command line can be a daunting proposition, especially for Linux novices. Enter This user-friendly wpa_supplicant wrapper reduces the complexity of connecting or setting up a wireless connection to a few simple steps. Written in Bash, the tool is light on resources, so it's suitable for machines like Raspberry Pi. To install, you need an Internet connection and Node.js and NPM software installed on your machine. Run the sudo npm install -g command, and you are good to features several commands that can help you to establish a wireless connection with a minimum of effort. The sudo scan command, for...

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